Five To Nine

We're a small team of games industry veterans, making
the games we've always wanted to play.

Screenshot of Falling With Style!

Falling With Style!

Our debut game is a short physics puzzler for Android. Manipulate your environment and go for 3 stars in windy, maze-like maps. Still in early access, release date summer 2022.

We make games

We've played PC and console games from the onset of the industry, and now we're living out long-held ambitions by making them as well. Starting small, we'll scale our ability to create and build muscle along the way, until we're making experiences that resonate with gamers like us.

Fair monetization

We've lived through loot boxes, no-refund policies, and gatcha mechanics. We want you to be happy before, during, and after you decide to purchase something.


While we love PC gaming, we want to make games work on the platform that makes the most sense: PC, console, mobile, VR, whatever.

Privacy is key

We'll only collect the data we need to make games. I don't need or want to know where your grandma's house is, Frank. Check out our policy if you don't believe me.

Design process

We're still working this one out, to be honest.

Get in touch

If you've got opinions for us, or are interested in signing up for early access, or whatever - feel free to contact us.